You know them. They always have the perfect gift for every occasion. Their presents are personal, thoughtful and put everyone else's to shame. They are perfectly organized and show up looking fabulous. It drives you mad!

Don't get mad. Get even. Be a diva yourself. Your gift can be the most fabulous one there. By following these four simple steps to save you time and stress, you can spend more time fulfilling your inner diva.
Step 1: Pay Attention.  The key to a successful present is listening. People will tell you want they want and need. Your mom may mention that she's cold when she goes to bed. Your boss may brag about his fabulous golf swing. Your best friend may lament over her calloused feet. Whatever it is, listen to the little comments people make. Each comment presents a great opportunity for a future perfect gift!

Step 2: Guide Yourself to Victory.  Now that you've developed diva-like listening and observation skills, take note of what you've learned! Create a gift giving guide for all the people in your life. Include their hobbies, interests, personal milestones and upcoming events. Mark down their personal important dates to remember -- birthday, anniversary, etc. This guide will provide you with a list of great ideas and inspiring thoughts when you need to buy a present.

Step 3: Mark Your Calendar.   Who hasn't nearly forgotten an important event and been left scrambling to find a present? Avoid last minute panic by noting important dates and events in your calendar. Check out your gift giving guide and transfer the important dates to your calendar at the beginning of each new year. At the start of each month look to see upcoming events so you can plan accordingly. Or, keep up with the times and sign up for a free email reminder service that alerts you when the occasion is approaching. You won't be stuck gift-less again!

Step 4: Celebrate! To add an additional incentive for you to be more organized, reward yourself when a gift is a big hit. Know that you've done welll and made someone happy with your choice. Whether simply recognizing your good work or buying yourself something special, you'll find you enjoy gift giving much more when you get a treat in the process!

Who would have thought that organizational skills would have been so diva-licious? But if you plan ahead, you can spend more time being your fabulous self! And that's time well spent.

written by Karen Fusco

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